Sajid Zen Master

Bringing the design teams madness together with his inner calm. A Real Madrid fan to the core. #Halamadrid

Rupa Reiki Master

Multi-tasking to bring out the best for a work life balance.

RashmiGoddess of Small Things

Goes into the tiniest details of things, then makes miniature models of them.


Our technical buff! Howwzzaatt?!

AnahitaThe Tea Masuta

Dishing out some serious flavours and designs.

Rohit Mr. Box Office

Laying out the masti for all and spreading cheer and beer!

Brijesh The PJ King

The in- house riddler with a sense of humour that anyone barely understands!

TanayaThe Word Connoisseur

She’ll dot your i’s, cross your t’s and eat your food.

MalviAwesome Blossom

Refreshing the atmosphere and our moods!

SamadhanThe Calm Coder

Writing codes and scripts with delight.

NitinMr. Moneybags

Follows the paper trail religiously, for team and clients alike.

NayanaMs. Quirky

Laughs. Doodles. Laughs some more.

Swapnil The Messenger

Making moves that matter. Mr. Dependable for food, fun and folders.

Katkar JiMan Friday

Warming hearts with steaming tea, coffee and food all the time.